Feedback from the workshops on "Managing Trauma in the Workplace" that was held in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.


I learned that most of the frustrations I have in management is because I need to allow my managers to own their problems. I would like you to train more of our managers and I think this should be a two day course.

B Reid

Barbara made me feel safe to discuss anything relating to the workshop.

F Barry

I liked the casual, but still controlled way the workshop was run. I would like all managers in the Group to go on this training. Well done!!

B Webber

Thank you Barbara – it was practical and simple to follow. Left me with a lot to think about.

F Pike

It was well presented and made applicable to the delegates present.

T Heynsen

I recently had a traumatic experience where a family member was involved in an accident. This will help me to be more understanding. The workshop was interesting and definitely worthwhile. Looking forward to reading the book – 'Put trauma behind you.

S Kaprey

Barbara was very good and knowledgeable in her presentation. Very easily communication in easy language. I like the examples she used to explain the healing process.

J Hercules

The workshop gave employees direction and not just look at it from a management perspective. You added a lot of value to me, personally and professionally.

C Theron

It combined interesting theory and practical aspects of trauma, which relates to our business. I liked the practical examples and the problem solving section, as it allowed for open discussion and questions. The facilitation was well executed and encouraged discussion, clarity and conversation. Very enjoyable.

S Salie

The workshop was excellent from start to the end. Well done Barbara!

D Hattingh

I like the honesty and openness. Some sensitive situations were discussed, but important to discuss these issues to get to the root of the problem.

J Howard

I liked the participation from the entire team. The content was clear and easy understandable. A great facilitator. The message carried across was well done in a good way and very valuable.

D Davel

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