Most ladies don’t talk about their experience of losing a baby early in pregnancy.  The most prevalent reason for keeping quiet is people’s dismissive reaction, if they find out. For example:

  • It was just a foetus, not a real baby yet.
  • It was for the better – nature takes care of those who are too weak to survive.
  • There will be many other opportunities to get pregnant again.
  • Fortunately, you have other kids.

These random remarks often come from men or women who never went through the experience.

The first indifferent reactions are often from medical personal, who have seen such situations numerous times in their practices. However, this mommy-to-be lost her hope and dream to have a baby. This is an event that will change her forever. There is no consolation in all the apathetic comments that people air. Her hopes are replaced with fear, anger, guilt and shame.

The only person who is in a worse predicament is the man who used to be the daddy-to-be. He is invisible and nobody even thinks that he is affected in any way. He does know how to help or to fix his family. Suddenly, his wife seems to be a different person.

In my next workshop, I am looking at this life event from all angles. I hope to address the secrets, myths and misconceptions. Let’s look at how we can understand each other a little better and offer support.

This online workshop is for every lady, counsellor, pastor, manager and husband. Let’s bring comfort and hope in one of the darkest times in a women’s life.

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