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Distress, confusion and disorientation are common after a traumatic event, but how do you know when to ask for help? If you answer 'yes' on two or more of these statements, consider seeking advice from a professional:

• I have no one to share my feelings with, but would like to talk to someone.

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• I feel numb and empty.

• I feel overwhelmed and as if I can't handle my emotions and bodily sensation.

• I constantly feel stressed, tense, confused and exhausted.

• I have unpleasant sensations in my body.

• I keep busy or work to stop me from focusing on how I am feeling.

• I want to sidestep and avoid thoughts, places, people, and activities who remind me of the traumatic event or situation.

• I sleep badly and have nightmares.

• I am using medication or/and drugs that is not prescribed by my physician or in excess of the prescribed dosage.

• My relationships are suffering since the incident.

• My work performance has suffered.

• I find it hard to concentrate.

• I experience sexual difficulties that I didn't have before.

• I have lost hope for improvement in my life's situation and I have no hope for the future.

• I lost faith and I am angry at God.

I trust that this will give you some guidelines and will assist you and that you will take the first step to get help, if and when you need it.

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